What are You Willing to Sacrifice?

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There is no such thing as achieving success without making sacrifices along the way. Conceptually, our cups are always full. This means that we do not have room for anything else in our life unless we are willing to part with certain things, people, hobbies and anything else to make room for something new.The best place to start is to take inventory of your life. Take time to reflect and notice what is taking up space and time in your life. For myself, one of the biggest things that takes up my time is soccer. I am currently on three teams, play on two and coach one, and almost said yes to a fourth. This occupies four nights a week! That is a lot of time and energy that I am putting towards soccer. It is usually late when I come home from soccer and I am usually tired. I am rarely productive after having had soccer and I sometimes even sleep in the next day.

I recently made the decision that after this season is over I am only going to commit myself to one team. I am not sure what this will look like but that is the commitment I am making to myself. I absolutely love playing soccer which I am sure you can tell by me being on three teams right now.

Soccer is not going to take me where I want to go though. I was taking stock of my life and of what I am currently working on and where I want to be in six months when I made this decision. My book is almost ready to go to publishing. I just started working on my e-course again too and I want this to be released shortly after my book. I have reached out to people to see if we can work together and I have also committed to volunteering more this year.

My book is a full time commitment in itself and once the course is released I know I will be super busy. I want to be able to travel to give talks and promote my book and course. There are so many doors that will be opened by releasing my book and so many opportunities that will arise. I will definitely need more time in my life. Soccer is what I chose to sacrifice in order to make my dreams come true.

This was not an easy decision to make but it was a necessary one. This is also not the first time in recent times that I have made the decision to sacrifice things I enjoyed in order to move forward in life. I also know that this will not be the last time.

Last April, 2016. I took a trip down to Vancouver with some friends. We had the privilege of being there for 4/20 and as you can imagine we definitely took advantage of the festivities. It was one of my friend’s birthday and so we also did some drinking on this trip. Once we got back from the trip I made the decision that I was going to give up alcohol.

I decided to quit drinking because I was spending too much money, that I would rather invest in myself, on drinking and it wasn’t making me feel all that great either. I also wanted to be healthier and be the best version of myself I could possibly be. I was also working on my e-course, about living a healthy lifestyle, at the time and felt like I needed to start living what I preached. How could I make an e-course and write a book about healthy living while I am drinking every weekend? So I decided to quit and with the exception of my own birthday trip, 10 months later I have not had a single drink!

After my birthday trip I made another decision to sacrifice smoking cannabis. I had been contemplating quitting for a long time and finally had the willpower to do it. The reason for this was because I felt like it was holding me back from accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish and I was using it as an excuse to not get anything done. I do not believe cannabis makes you lazy, I believe that people just blame their own laziness on cannabis and this is what I was doing.

I was using it for the wrong reasons. Using it as an escape from life and as an excuse to not shine my light. To not step into my power and create the life I wanted to live. I felt that as long as I kept using cannabis that I would keep being the small version of myself. It has now been five months and I have not smoked it once since.

These are just some of the sacrifices I have made in the past year to get closer to my dreams. There have been other sacrifices as well, like distancing myself from relationships with people that weren’t pushing me to be better. I have been very selective of who I spend my time with now.

I now definitely feel like I am a lot closer to achieving my goals and creating the life that I want to live. I feel like I am living the concepts that I am teaching in my book and course and I really do feel healthier. I feel more connected to my body, heart and soul and my passion for life has been reignited.

I feel like my life is at a point where it will soon take a change and be different than it has ever been before. I will be doing things I have never done before and have only dreamed of. I also feel like none of this would have happened had it not been for the sacrifices I chose to make.

So I now ask you, what are you willing to sacrifice in order to create the life you want to live?

Stay Free. Stay Curious.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your personal sacrifices. The way you describe ‘sacrifice’ makes it seem less scary! It reminds me of something I’ve learned in a group I belong to; the rather factor. Sandra, of Smart Cookies, taught us the rather factor to use with our finances. We get clear on what we want & then put a post-it note in our wallet. Whenever we are tempted to buy something that isn’t in alignment with what we’d rather have (what we truly want), it’s easier to remember that with a note.

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